You pay a single mediation fee of € 295,-

    Nanny Home Netherlands will then arrange:

    • Intake with family at home
    • Recruitment & selection of a nanny
    • Registration of day-care location in the National Day-care Registry (charges may apply, depending on the municipality of residence. Request this information from Nanny Home Netherlands)
    • Risk assessment at the home of the family


    You pay an hourly rate between €13,- and €16,-. This includes guidance costs to Nanny Home Netherlands.

    This guidance includes:

    • Annual personal talk/evaluation with family and nanny
    • Annual risk assessment at home of the family
    • Annual tax reporting statement for benefits
    • Nanny Home Netherlands pays nanny’s salary, this is required by law, cashiers function
    • Administrative procedures for files of families and nannies
    • Contact by phone with parents
    • Answering all sorts of questions by nannies and families
    • Pedagogical guidance of nanny
    • Nanny has 4 meetings a year with all nannies working for Nanny Home Netherlands
    • Nanny has 2 personal talks / evaluations a year with Nanny Home Netherlands.


    Do you want Nanny Home Netherlands to only take care of the recruitment & selection of a nanny, without further guidance and registration in the National Day-care registry? That is possible.
    You will then pay a fee of € 1250,-


    You can also choose to share the costs with another family. You will then pay the nanny and the mediation costs together and pay € 1,50 per hour per family in mediation costs, instead of €2,- per hour. The hourly wage will be much lower because of this.


    Do you already have a nanny at home, but would you like to legalise your nanny to make you eligible for childcare benefits, you only have to pay € 75,- for registration.


    Do you have a nanny and an agreement with another foster parent agency, but would you like to switch? You will then pay no mediation fees. For more information, see working methods.