My name is Hester van Mameren and I founded Nanny Home Netherlands with the goal to provide high quality day-care at home for children from 0 to 13 years old. I completed a Pedagogical education and an education in Human Resources. I have worked at an international recruitment agency for years. After that I became the manager of a day-care centre with a national organisation in day-care. I have done this for some years and then started an internal employment agency within this organisation. I have seen and learned a lot about day-care during this period, and learned especially about the many different wishes of the parents.

I am a mother of two boys (4 and 6 years old) myself and I noticed that recently I have not been as satisfied about the regular day-care my children go to. I had more wishes than the day-care could provide. I heard similar opinions from multiple people around me. Based on my wishes and the one’s I heard from others, I started looking for a different type of day-care, “day-care at home”.


The vision of Nanny Home Netherlands is that a nanny at home provides parents with a type of day-care to that meets everyone’s wishes. Because it’s tailored. Parents indicate themselves what their wishes are, and Nanny Home Netherlands will find a matching nanny.

The children can develop themselves and have room for own initiative because of the personal attention they’re receiving. The nannies give the children serenity, regularity and innocence. Furthermore, the nannies will provide challenge through games and activities.

Nanny Home Netherlands strives for personal attention for both the parents as the nanny. After the nanny is places, we personally guide every family and their nanny.


Hester van Mameren
Nanny Home Netherlands