A good night’s sleep is important for everyone but is sometimes made difficult for young parents. A baby who cries a lot, night feedings to be given, a toddler who is simply starting the day early or a sick child that has to be taken care of at night. Plenty of reasons why parents cannot sleep well.

A lack of sleep has many effects on the rest of the day. It’s possible you feel that you can’t be the fun parent that you would like to be, or you can’t concentrate at work. Therefore, there is the Nanny at Night.

The Nanny at Night will come in the evening at 10pm and takes care of the child(ren) while you go to sleep. The Nanny at Night will cuddle with the child(ren) that is/are awake or feed the baby. They offer the care that is needed. It’s also possible that the Nanny will have breakfast with the kids that are up early and once you’re awake the Nanny goes home.


If you are interested in a Nanny at Night, we would be happy to visit you for a personal meeting to discuss what your needs are. Then we will match you with one of our Nanny`s at Night. All our Nanny`s at Night have experience with children and have a first aid certificate and a certificate of good conduct.

Are you interested? Please fill in our contactform or call us directly.