Nanny Home

Day-care is important to every family. If this is properly taken care of, the parents can relax and go to work without any worries.

Nanny Home Netherlands provides day-care at home and is a nationally registered employment agency between nannies and parents. We are a young and enthusiastic company that recruits, selects and guides nannies. We also provide day-care during events

Nanny Home Netherlands values high quality. The quality of our day-care depends on our nannies, which is why we have a strict selection procedure for nannies. The guidance from Nanny Home Netherlands is also important to keep a high quality of day-care. We support the family and the nanny in the care of the children, and on a pedagogical level. We put much time in our guidance, and we believe that “everything you give attention to, grows”, just like children.

Every family is different, has different wishes and has a different family formation and therefore requires different day-care. Nanny Home Netherlands responds to this by offering day-care at home. A nanny will come to your house and meets your wishes regarding day-care.

The nanny makes sure that everything at home will continue while you’re at work. The children will be brought to school, kindergarten, (sports) clubs and are picked up. They can play with friends and have their own familiar toys and things. The nanny will do household chores and could cook and already eat with the children, bathe the children en make sure they’re on the couch in their pyjamas when mommy and daddy come home. You will then have the possibility to spend quality time with the children and then eat together.

The day-care the nannies offer is flexible and you only pay for the hours the nanny has actually worked. If you’re in a traffic jam when you’re driving home after work, you don’t have to worry about the closing time of the day-care centre. If you need day-care during the weekend or at night for a change, the nanny can come.
We are happy to help you fulfilling your day-care wishes. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you want more information.